is your enterprise elegant?
how can an enterprise be elegant?
is your data centrally managed, portable, and readily accessible throughout your organization?
are security best practices applied consistently throughout your software solutions?
is your software flexible enough to meet your current needs and also scale for your future?
I sure hope so
might be time to think about moving to the baasware platform and making your enterprise elegant


Who are we?

Above all else, we are passionate technologists. We believe that technology should make life easier, and more importantly better. We believe in elegant solutions to challenging problems, and believe that just because it works, doesn't mean that it cannot work better.

Founded by Nick Craven, a former IT consulting executive with Ernst & Young's (EY) Financial Services Office. Nick brings over 15 years of full stack development experience, in addition to over 6 years in enterprise consulting. Our experience has exposed us to the many pitfalls of current enterprise solutions. This experience has also shown us a vision of a more effective, efficient, and user friendly solution to enterprise software; this vision is Baasware.

What problems are we solving?

Our experience has exposed us to a number of problems in current enterprise solutions:

  • Systems generally do not communicate effectively, resulting in the need for ad-hoc processes to aggregate and analyze data.
  • Security is applied inconsistently in enterprise software, leaving organizations to manage security in multiple locations with inconsistent approaches.
  • Enterprise solutions are less user friendly than consumer software, decreasing the user experience and productivity.
  • Cost! The limited number of real competitors in the enterprise software industry results in organizations paying higher costs.

What is our mission?

Our mission is simple; make enterprise elegant.

In order to achieve our mission, we empower organizations with tools to simplify their operations, control to choose the right solutions to address their needs, and the flexibility of enterprise solutions that will evolve with their organization. Baasware enables organizations to no longer accept solutions that only fulfil some of their needs.


Organizations of all sizes find themselves in need of multiple separate enterprise software solutions to support their operations. The separation of these solutions results in redundancy of data, limited flexibility and portability of systems, and duplication of processes. The Baasware platform is a different, more holistic, approach to fulfilling your organization's enterprise software needs. Baasware supports your organization and simplifies your IT processes, so that your enterprise solutions won't just work, but will work for you.

Centralize data

Baasware enables your organization to centralize and take ownership of your data

Standardize security

Employ best in practice security by design

Simplify infrastructure

Baasware enables organizations to pare down the number of operating systems, databases, and other technology required to operate enterprise software

Embrace choice

Leverage applications from the Baasware marketplace, integrate your current systems, or build your own home-grown applications

Reduce costs

Save your organization money, all while making it operate more effectively

Scale and flex

Get nimble, scale your applications and infrastructure with your organization


Ship code fast

Leverage the Baasware platform and turbo charge your team's development of enterprise applications. Focus on building solutions to business problems, and let the platform take care of routine tasks.

Use the tools you know and love

Baasware is a technology agnostic platform that stays out of your way. Continue leveraging the tools you are accustomed to, just do so more efficiently.

Deploy directly to market

Once you've built and tested your applications, deploy them directly on the Baasware Marketplace and gain access to our vast and diverse client base.


  • Finance
  • Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Order Processing
  • Project Management
  • Line of Business


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